• LU313T_vert

    Convenience: LENTIS Comfort

    The tried and tested lens design of the LENTIS Comfort is adjusted optimally to the far and intermediate range and thus has been particularly successful in meeting the demanding needs that most patients have with the refractive results of cataract surgery. Bridging the gap between standard monofocal and premium refractive IOLs, the LENTIS Comfort offers both good intermediate vision as well as distance vision.

  • mplus_lentis

    Premium: LENTIS Mplus Family intraocular lenses

    The totally unique optical design of the first rotationally asymmetric LENTIS Mplus has revolutionised the multifocal IOL market worldwide. Well over 250,000 Mplus implantations over 5 years and a high number of clinical trials are evidence of the superiority of this patented technology over conventional diffractive multifocal lenses. In 2013, Oculentis presented the LENTIS Mplus X, an even more advanced version of the Mplus success model that offers increased visual performance, particularly in the near range.

  • tplus_light

    Premium: LENTIS Tplus (X) intraocular lenses

    Patients with severe astigmatism require implantation of toric intraocular lenses. Thanks to their specifically designed optic, the customised and highly precise LENTIS Tplus X IOLs correct any form of regular corneal astigmatism and thus provide the patient with sharp and clear vision.

  • Image-LentisMplusX-01a-EN

    Premium: LENTIS Mplus (X) intraocular lenses

    Since the End of 2013 Oculentis offers with the LENTIS Mplus X an advanced and improved version of the previous Mplus model with optimised near vision.

  • mplus_toric

    Premium: LENTIS Mplus (X)toric intraocular lenses

    The best combination of two high-tech solutions: with the multifocal-toric LENTIS Mplus Xtoric and Mplus Toric, the innovative presbyopia correction of the advanced LENTIS Mplus Family and the optimal astigmatism treatment of the new LENTIS Tplus X were combined. The result: optimal vision for your patients!

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    Standard: LENTIS Intraocular Lenses

    As varied as the patients are the treatment options offered with LENTIS intraocular lenses by Oculentis. We provide the optimal intraocular lenses for the individual needs and personal preferences regarding visual acuity for every patient and every physician. Choose between standard, convenience and premium intraocular lenses.