Aptissen SA is a company specialized in the research & development, manufacturing and commercialization of biopolymer-based medical devices. Aptissen SA stands for Advanced Polymer for TISSue ENgineering, which clearly gives a hint about the company’s skills. Those skills have been built over a period of 11 years within the Healthcare division of the Swiss company Anteis SA.The acquisition of Anteis by Merz Pharma on November 4th, 2013 gave the founders of Anteis the opportunity to spin off the Healthcare activity and to found Aptissen SA. Aptissen is today active in the fields of Ophthalmology through surgical solutions for cataract and glaucoma, and of Orthopaedics, through innovative treatments for osteoarthritis.

Viscoelastics, also named OVDs are used mainly during cataract surgery. Designed to offer optimal protection of the cornea, to facilitate the surgery steps and to provide enough working space for this incredibly precise surgery. Requested properties mostly depend on the dispersiveness or the cohesiveness of the selected OVD. Ideally, a different OVD would be used for each of the surgery steps.

  • Methylvisc.indd


    Composed of highly purified Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose, with a concentration of 2.0% HPMC. This cellulose polymer is very dispersive and provide viscoadhesion properties for proper endothelial protection.

  • Ophteis-Bio-1.6


    Composed of Hyaluronic Acid from biofermentation origin with 3 concentrations ranging from 1.6 to 3.0%. The biofermentative range offers Coheso – Dispersive to Dispersive properties which ensure an optimal endothelial cells protection, thanks to an excellent coating power during the surgery.

  • Ophteis-small


    Composed of Hyaluronic Acid from animal origin with 3 concentrations ranging from 1 to 2.5%. The animal origin range offers Visco-Adaptative to Highly Cohesive properties to create and maintain a deep anterior chamber in order to facilitate manipulation by the surgeon.