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Fast…and different Retinal imaging with EasyScan is easy, affordable and …fast! Because there is no need to dilate, because there are no settings. EasyScan is all plug-'n-play

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Product Description


EasyScan Rechts_2 Fast…and different
Retinal imaging with EasyScan is easy, affordable and …fast! Because there is no need to dilate, because there are no settings. EasyScan is all plug-‘n-play. In fact, you see the retina live on your screen, real time! It takes only minutes to complete a full examination. And the result is a stunning high-resolution image set for superior diagnostic analysis. EasyScan is different. It is designed to be fast.
Anyone can do it! Taking high-contrast, very detailed retinal images is easy and intuitive. With the retina live view on your screen, you see what you get. No settings, no special skills required. But there’s more. It is also very easy to review the images…from anywhere! From your laptop, desktop at work or at home. It is easy to set up secure connections.
Zero-dilation for patient delight. Imagine no waiting time for your patients, them coming in without a driver, because they can drive themselves back to work or home afterwards. Patients are so surprised and delighted when they learn about EasyScan. Now, compare that to a traditional camera.
Accessible and affordable. EasyScan brings high-end, multi-functional SLO technology close to the patient. The plug-and-play EasyScan retinal camera fits on every desk, at daylight. With its lightweight and compact design, it is also perfect for mobile eyecare centers.


» Advanced, high-contrast SLO technology at a price everyone can afford
» High-contrast imaging, see up to the sixth bifurcation (see from 10µ)
» Real-time live view of retina, enhanced view of periphery, automated iris detection.
» Autofocus, autocapture, auto exposure.
» Capture mode: Green (532 nm) and near IR (785 nm) for three imaging modalities
» Easy to use: Joystick navigation and intuitive user software.
» EasyConnect for easy sharing, reviewing, archiving and reporting
» Compact, portable EasyScan fits on every desk, anywhere.
» Award-winning design
Technical specifications

Power consumption: Power supplied by PC or laptop; no AC required
Field angle: up to 60 degrees
Minimum pupil size: 2 mm – true zero-dilation
Optical engine: Confocal SLO high contrast imaging
Flash settings: Auto exposure
Optical resolution: 10 micrometers
Alignment help: Retina live view, pupil live view
Auto focus: Yes
Fixation targets: Three
Ametropia compensation: +/- 10D
Image exporting options:
Image formats: DICOM, PDF, JPEG, PNG
To remote servers: Yes, thanks to EasyConnect Secure Set-up
Accessories: Dust cover; Objective lens cap; Chin rest paper
Weight: <7 kg


Superior Retinal Imaging

EasyScan employs Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) technology for superior imaging. Retinopathies become more easily detectable with a clear and sharper image for accurate diagnosis.

Benefits of the SLO technology include:

  • Earlier diagnosis of retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma
  • Greater contrast than a traditional fundus camera
  • Better penetration of media opacities such as cataract

The wonderful thing with this camera is that you can see things that you cannot see with a traditional fundus camera. When you can identify more, you can offer a higher quality service.

Michael Bärtschi, M. Sc., Basel University’s Department of Ophthalmology, Switzerland.

High-contrast images

green retina image

Preliminary studies reveal that it may be easier to detect symptoms of DR and other abnormalities by using high-contrast SLO images rather than by using the lower contrast images from fundus cameras. View our clinical atlas.

Rapid diagnosis


Based on Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) technology, EasyScan is designed for the rapid diagnosis of DR, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and other retinal pathologies.

Early detection


Early detection is crucial. As a leading provider of smart retinal imaging, we are particularly committed to early diagnosis and screening for retinal abnormalities.

Never dilate

All in the blink of an eye

There is never any need for dilation when capturing images with EasyScan. This saves time and increases patient satisfaction.

EasyScan provides a fast and easy workflow with automated tasks that truly speeds up the examination. The entire process from welcoming the patient to delivering a high-contrast image set takes only a few minutes. EasyScan minimizes handling, maximizes patient care, 
while improving productivity.

“It is easy to create nice images with almost every patient, with good details and no problems. You are able to identify things better because of the precision of being able to scan through a small pupil”.

Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi, Chairman Eye Clinic, Sacco Hospital, University of Milan, Italy.

Image through small pupils

1.5 mm oog

No dilation, no waiting time– the confocal camera only requires a minimum pupil size of 1.5 mm to illuminate the retina in contrast to traditional fundus cameras.

Ability to scan through cataract


EasyScan also has the ability to scan through mild to moderate cataract.

Minimize handling, save costs


It takes only three minutes to complete a full examination. So save at least 30 minutes of your valuable time. SLO technology facilitates imaging with zero dilation, thus minimizing the duration and cost of the examination.


EasyScan’s compact design allows it to fit in every office space and to be stored and moved between locations with ease. The simple USB connection to a computer gives you the flexibility to run your clinics anywhere.

With a weight of less than 11 kg/24 lb and easy Plug ‘n play installation, it opens up high-end eye care to patients all over the world in the blink of an eye.

”EasyScan is easy to transport and very lightweight”.

Dr. Thomas Theelan, Associate Professor and Staff Ophthalmologist, Department of Ophthalmology, Radbout University Nijmegen Medical Center, The Netherlands.


Joystick3 rondje

EasyScan does not need the multitude of controls and settings required by fundus cameras. Anyone can capture high-quality images. Internal fixation lights and the self-guiding software do the work for you.

Automated workflow


Just align the pupil, optimize focus in the live preview on your screen and capture. Focus is automated for most patients. For those with hazy ocular media, a small focus adjustment will create superior image quality.

Plug & go


Plug the EasyScan USB connector into your PC and you are ready, virtually anywhere. There is no need to darken the examination room. You can easily set up a secured VPN connection and work from anywhere.


EasyScan can be used in single practices, mobile workstations and with multiple review stations. Images can be reviewed straight away if necessary. Network integration is easy and connection, updates and service can all be performed remotely.

With EasyScan we can, in principle, work anywhere. This makes us far more flexible and means we can work much closer to where the patient is. That lowers the barrier for the patient and makes it easier for us to detect problems earlier.”

Thijs Veerman, CEO Star-MDC, The Netherlands

Single practices

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 15.26.57

Use for single practice.

Mobile workstations

Connectivity multiple review stations

Use for mobile workstations with multiple review stations.


Large network

Connectivity large network

Large network, scalable, remote updating