ologen® Collagen Matrix (ologen® CM) is an advanced wound care device composed of a porous matrix of cross-linked atelocollagen and glycosaminoglycan. ologen® Collagen Matrix is specifically designed to promote scar-less wound healing in a wide range of ophthalmic surgeries, such as to create a prominent healthy vascular bleb in glaucoma surgery.

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About Ologen


  • Type I atelocollagen with porous structure and pore diameter between 10 – 300 μm
  • Comprises > 90% atelocollagen and < 10% Glycosaminoglycan (GAG)
  • Dry form scaffold




Features to successful bleb formation

The biomechanical properties of ologen® Collagen Matrix facilitates bleb formation while providing resistance at the outlet of the scleral tunnel to prevent hypotony.

Standard procedure with loose suture technique

Prominent vascular bleb without MMC

Bleb comparison photos by Dr. S. Sarkisian

The Dean A. McGee Eye Institute of the University of Oklahoma

Bleb photos by Prof. S. Cillino

University of Palermo, Italy. Department of Experimental Biomedicine and Clinical Neuroscience Ophthalmology Section

ologen® Collagen Matrix may be a safe & effective alternative to MMC

The two-year complete success with ologen® Collagen Matrix (defined as IOP ≤ 15 mmHg without medication) was 50% compared to 40% for the MMC group. Log-rank test shows ologen® Collagen Matrix to be comparable as MMC in complete success ≤ 15 mmHg IOP (p>0.05).

Ref: S. Cillino et al. Biodegradable collagen matrix implant vs mitomycin C as an adjuvant in trabeculectomy: a 24 month, randomized clinical trial. Eye

(2011), 1-9