MEDICEM WIOL-CF Accommodative Polyfocal IOL

WIOL-CF is a polyfocal accommodative hydrogel intraocular lens. Using proprietary hydrogel material (WIGEL) and its special technical design, its benefits include:
(1) Resistant to protein, cell deposits and calcification.
(2) Enables continuous range from near to distant focus, for improved vision without further correction.
(3) WIOL-CF is suitable for younger patients with an active lifestyle

Product Description


WIOL-CF is a polyfocal accommodative hydrogel intraocular lens. Thanks to its use of proprietary hydrogel material (WIGEL) and its special technical design, it offers unique benefits to patients. WIGEL is a biocompatible material whose surface resembles the natural lens material more closely than other intraocular lenses, making WIOL-CF extremely resistant to protein, cell deposits and calcification. The design of WIOL-CF enables polyfocal accommodation capability with a continuous range from near to distant focus, for improved vision without further correction (such as spectacles). This makes WIOL-CF especially suitable for younger patients with an active lifestyle.

WIOL-CF has further advantages over other intraocular lenses:
• Large optics (9mm in diameter) facilitating retino-vitreal diagnostics and surgery (eg in diabetes)
• Optics with exceptionally smooth surface, rings and zones-free, ensuring undisturbed night and peripheral vision
• Low incidence of posterior capsule opacification
• Perfect centralisation and resistance to lens dislocation
• Large lens can be injected through a small incision thanks to flexibility of WIGEL
• Reversibility: Can be replaced with a lens of the same or a different type
• No special surgical equipment or training required
• Long-term stable performance, reliable outcomes

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Continuous Focus Clear Vision Contrast Sensitivity

Mimicking the natural crystalline lens, WIOL-CF® is designed to deliver premium visual quality at all distances. It provides a full range of vision: near, far and intermediate, with exceptional visual acuity through  extended depth of focus. Thanks to the high contrast sensitivity, this capability remains also in low light conditions. The unique design, with 9 mm optics, minimizes dysphotopsias such as glare.

The First Bioanalogic IOL

WIOL-CF® achieves its results through a unique design and material developed to resemble properties of the natural crystalline lens. WIOL-CF® represents a leading technology for the treatment of cataract and presbyopia for patients, who demand more than visual acuities on predefined distances.

WIOL-CF® imitates natural crystalline lens by size, material, shape and function.

WIOL-CF® does not need haptics to be fixed in the eye. It adheres to posterior capsule. Thus it can have large optics improving quality of vision to new level.

WIOL-CF® is the most natural replacement of human lens.

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and unique production technology HERE


Selected features of natural crystalline lens (NCL) compared to WIOL-CF® and multifocal or trifocal lenses.


Who is the best Patient?


WIOL-CF® is for any patient with cataract or presbyopia who expects supreme visiual acuity to far and intermediate and keep or restore near vision for reading newspapers, books or electronic media and can eventually accept correction by spectacles for very fine near vision.

Talk to your patient before choosing WIOL-CF®!

WIOL-CF® can be more valued by people who are still living very active lives, with wide range of activities requiring frequent change of focus and good vision in suboptimal light conditions: people loving sports, going out, driving car day or night. Ideal patient values high overall quality of vision more than precise but narrow visual acuity to very near.

For easy selection use basic rules from Patient Selection Check List available on our web site. This Check List highlights by red any contraindication which should prevent you from implanting WIOL-CF®.


We recommend to examine the patients in the same way like before implantation of any premium multifocal intraocular lens. Below we highlight especially important exclusion factors.

Before surgery

Expected corneal postoperative astigmatism greater than 1D, amblyopia, zonular fibre damage, opaque cornearetinal disease or optic neuropathy (retinopathy, maculopathy, age-related macular degeneration, increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma, shallow anterior chamber in severe hypermetropia, chronic uveitis.


Capsulorhexis greater than 7 mm.
Capsular bag rupture.
CT ring implanted.