Premium: LENTIS Tplus (X) intraocular lenses

Patients with severe astigmatism require implantation of toric intraocular lenses. Thanks to their specifically designed optic, the customised and highly precise LENTIS Tplus X IOLs correct any form of regular corneal astigmatism and thus provide the patient with sharp and clear vision.

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Premium: LENTIS Tplus (X)

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LENTIS Tplus X: The neXt generation of toric IOLs!
Patients with severe astigmatism require implantation of toric intraocular lenses. Thanks to their specifically designed optic, the customised and highly precise LENTIS Tplus X IOLs correct any form of regular corneal astigmatism and thus provide the patient with sharp and clear vision.
Always on aXis – Customised for the surgeon!

The novel “tailor-made“ Tplus lens generation stands out for its globally unique incision-dependent manufacture of the IOL torus. This manufacturing procedure is tailored to the individual needs of the ophthalmic surgeon and renders any complicated re-alignment of the toric intraocular lens (TIOL) during implantation unnecessary.

When calculating the Tplus X lens simply specify the ophthalmic surgeon’s preferred incision location. Then, the IOL torus will be placed appropriately on the anterior surface of the TIOL (see right figure). This means, LENTIS Tplus X intraocular lenses are produced “customised” – not only for the patient but also for the surgeon.

Grafik Tplus X incision
Simply implant toric IOLs!
For the ophthalmic surgeon, Tplus X extremely simplifies the handling as well as the implantation behaviour of toric intraocular lenses during surgery. In particular, the time-consuming alignment and precise positioning of TIOLs are considered as difficult and precarious. The tailor-made Tplus X technology greatly reduces these application obstacles and the implantation effort to a minimum.
LENTIS Tplus X lenses offer many benefits, compared to conventional TIOLs:
  • Incision-dependent IOL torus production, no re-alignment required
  • Individual and highly accurate astigmatism correction to precisely 0.01D
  • Very high rotational stability thanks to its haptic design
  • Natural high contrast and colour perception
  • True 360° sharp optic edge for best-possible PCO prevention
  • Aberration neutrality for better depth of focus
  • Optional: Violet light filter technology for improved retinal protection
Toric LENTIS IOL at a glance:
Toric lenses at a glance
Toric LENTIS intraocular lenses for the eXact astigmatism correction!
Thanks to their individual fabrication to 0.01D precisely, toric LENTIS IOLs are characterised by highly precise astigmatism correction and rotational stability. The clinical results obtained with the LENTIS Mplus toric intraocular lens illustrate this significant astigmatism correction.
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Our Tplus X service: Calculate easily online!

Calculation, ordering and verification [HELP]

You can calculate our LENTIS Tplus X lenses very simply and easily using the Oculentis Online Calculator:

To order, please send the signed PDF file, which will be generated after successful calculation, to your local distributor. Our team will check all incoming orders for accuracy of the data and will contact you immediately in case of any discrepancies.

In case of any questions and for more detailed information on our toric intraocular lenses, do not hesitate to contact our Product Management by phone.

Product Management:  Tel: +49 (0) 30 430 955 – 143

Simply implant LENTIS Tplus X!
Easy Tplus X
Exkursus: Diagnostics
A tailored therapy for individual problems is possible if any treatment carried out is preceded by a precise diagnosis. Using latest technology, such as the new Topographer CA 200F of the company Topcon, a precise measurement of the eye and the cornea radii (K-values) is possible.
Lentis lenses
Figure: Topograph CA 200 with extra big screen

In addition to the central radii of the cornea, the apparatus can complete the topography of the cornea in 3-D. More than 10.000 measuring points (resolution of ± 0.01 D) on the cornea will be included in the calculation, making any irregularity visible. Each deficiency due to cornea irregularity is precisely determined and thus can be treated. Using this quantitative data a tailor-made LENTIS Tplus will be made which guarantees optimal eyesight.

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LENTIS: Large selection of IOL designs

Oculentis offers a variety of IOL designs. Choose between (a)spherical, 1-piece or 3-piece IOL, IOL with or without violet light filtering technology
Aspherical intraocular lenses

The imaging quality of intraocular lenses (IOL) is one of the key factors to ensure an optimal vision for patients after a cataract surgery.

Aspherical LENTIS IOL are characterized by an aberration corrective surface structure. Basis for their design is not as usual a purely spherical cornea but a slightly aspherical cornea (anticipated in the human eye). Studies have shown that the human cornea shows asphericity in respect of the statistical median. Due to this fact, Intraocular lenses, which take into account this aberration, lead to a better visual acuity and better image quality.

Lentis lenses
Figure: All aspherical LENTIS lenses are also available with violet light filter: LS-312Y and LS-313Y
Lentis lenses


Oculentis’ 3-piece aspheric IOL with violet light filter is by its overall diameter of 13.0 mm (optical diameter 6.0 mm) the perfect intraocular lens for the optimal sulcus fixation.



All aspherical LENTIS lenses are manufactured in the sub-micron lathing process. The square-edge design and the superior surface quality of our HydroSmart Acrylic reduce the post-surgery-cataract formation and thus the post-treatment rate. A recent study conducted by the Berlin Eye Research Institute (BERI confirms the exceptionally sharp optic edges of the LENTIS IOL for a better PCO prophylaxis (Study as PDF-Download below). All LENTIS lenses show an excellent biocompatibility and high stability in the capsule bag.


Spherical intraocular lenses
All spherical lenses of Oculentis are manufactured with a state-of-the-art Sub-Micron Lathing technique. Thanks to this technology, the lenses do not require additional polishing after production and thus keep their square edges. This “square edge design“ as well as the excellent surface quality lead to a lower rate of secondary cataract formation and thus reduce the need for additional treatment.
Lentis lenses
Figure: All spherical LENTIS lenses are also available with violet light filter.
For more detailed specification regarding our LENTIS IOL refer to the respective product information or contact our Team International Representative

Excursus about Asphericity

Spherical Intraocular Lenses

Spherical aberrations are an optical imaging error, which leads to impaired vision. External light rays are refracted more strongly than the more central rays (see figure). Therefore, not all light rays will focus on the macula (yellow spot or „point of sharpest vision“). This results in poor contrast sensitivity. Spherical intraocular lenses do not correct these aberrations.


Aspherical LENTIS Intraocular Lenses

All aspherical LENTIS intraocular lenses correct these spherical aberrations. The aspherical lens surface focuses all the light rays correctly on the macula. Thereby an optimal image on the retina is created which leads to a very good contrast sensitivity for the patient. In turn twilight vision will be improved.