About Us

Building Bridges

Founded in 2012, SWISSMED Pte Ltd is an independent Singapore-based medical devices distribution company. We identify unique and innovative technologies from European and American manufacturers, and make them available to leading Ophthalmologists in South East Asia. Our offices are located in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Sydney and Ho Chi Minh City and we also serve leading ophthalmologists in Japan and Indonesia.


We aim at establishing long-term partnerships with Ophthalmologists through the distribution of high-quality, innovative and proven products in specialist areas including cataract, refractive surgery, glaucoma, dry eyes, diagnostic equipment and practice development tools. Our products have one thing in common – they support the pioneer-minded Ophthalmologists, who wants to offers superior solutions to their demanding patients.


As a supplier of high-quality products to private clinics and public hospitals, we guarantee flexible service, reliability and know-how. We also understand the challenges of today’s Ophthalmologists, and that is to offer high-quality eye care solutions at competitive and cost-effective prices. In addition, SWISSMED is also committed to support our partners with marketing solutions and help them shine with a different touch!




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