Intra-Ocular Lenses



Teleon Femtis

Teleon - Femtis FEMTIS IOL Family: Premium IOL Treatment with highest Precision Perfect match:Automated capsulotomy + FEMTIS IOL Family Perfect ...
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Lentis Mplus family

LENTIS MPlus Family LENTIS Mplus family: The premium IOL family for optimal treatment of cataracts considering presbyopia and astigmatism With ...
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Lentis Comfort Family

LENTIS Comfort Family LENTIS Comfort family: The vanguard EDoF-IOL with advanced segmented optics The easy solution for demanding cataract patients ...
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Teleon Lentis

Teleon Lentis LENTIS IOL Family: Hightech for the intraocular surgery As varied as the patients are the treatment options offered ...
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