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LENTIS IOL Family: Hightech for the intraocular surgery

As varied as the patients are the treatment options offered with LENTIS intraocular lenses. We provide the optimal intraocular lenses for the individual needs and personal preferences regarding visual acuity for every patient and every physician. Choose between standard, comfort and premium intraocular lenses.

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Implantation of a standard IOL is the best possible cataract treatment for those who do not mind wearing glasses after their surgery.

However, it is not the best possible solution for those who wish to become more independent from their spectacles.

This means: Despite successful cataract surgery, the patient will still need to use very special and costly glasses. But: For patients who do not feel disturbed by a visual aid, a standard LENTIS IOL is still the right choice.

Vision with Standard iol

The specific design of the LENTIS/FEMTIS Comfort lenses allows for an outcome of cataract surgery which goes far beyond the results achieved with the standard lens implant.

These lenses are perfectly tailored for the patient not only to regain best possible far vision (as provided by standard cataract surgery) but to achieve improved intermediate vision (50 cm – 200 cm) as well.

This means more independence from spectacles in the long run. Not only those patients working on the computer but also those carrying out craft activities performed beyond the reading distance will benefit thereof. In short: A comfort lens solution in everyday situations for the demanding cataract patient!

Vision with comfort iol

Premium intraocular lenses surpass the visual results achieved with standard lens implants by far.

These IOL can correct cataracts and common irregularities associated with the focusing power of the eye, known as refractive errors e.g. astigmatism or presbyopia.

Premium-IOL are the multifocal LENTIS Mplus Family lenses, the toric LENTIS Tplus (X) and the multifocal-toric LENTIS Mplus (X) Toric. These lenses are individually selected for your patients, guaranteeing high spectacle independence at all distances.

Vision with premium iol

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