LENTIS MPlus Family

LENTIS Mplus family:
The premium IOL family for optimal treatment of cataracts considering presbyopia and astigmatism

With the LENTIS Mplus Premium IOL family, you enable your demanding patients to enjoy their everyday life highly spectacle independent again.

The varifocal LENTIS Mplus and Mplus X IOLs allow sharp vision over all distances for patients with presbyopia. If your patient is simultaneously suffering from astigmatism und presbyopia, LENTIS Mplus Toric and LENTIS Mplus X Toric lenses adjust both vision defects.

LENTIS Mplus and Mplus X: The premium multifocal IOL family with the varifocal effect - as individual as your patients

prebyopia vision


For many patients, the age-related deterioration of near and intermediate vision goes hand in hand with a loss of their freedom and independence.
Multifocal intraocular lenses are an excellent alternative to reading and varifocal spectacles and offer a permanent solution to this problem.


Individual solutions for individual visual requirements

LENTIS Mplus | Mplus Toric MF20

  • For early presbyopia
  • Life style preference for intermediate ranges (computer work, driving, etc.)
  • Zero tolerance of side effects

LENTIS Mplus | Mplus Toric MF30

  • Allrounder for active daily life style requirements
  • Balanced for all distances
  • Successful for more than 10 years

LENTIS Mplus X | Mplus X Toric MF30

  • “X” -tra power for near ranges
  • Optimised for intense reading
X MF30

Unique asymmetrical-refractive optical design


  • Large distance optic zone
  • Smooth transition from distance to near
  • Maximum light transmission for excellent vision and contrast
No Unwanted Side Effects

Clinical results LENTIS Mplus (X) IOL (summary):

Dr. Jung Wan Kim (LENTIS Mplus MF20)

  • Results show excellent distance visual acuity up to 1.0 and good near visual acuity at 40cm
  • Excellent defocus performance
  • Maximum IOL performance for younger patients with low level of residual refraction

Prof. Gerd Auffarth (LENTIS Mplus MF30)

  • Good near and intermediate vision as well as good reading speed
  • Individually preferred reading distance: 39cm
  • Individually preferred intermediate distance : 62cm

Prof. Thomas Kohnen (LENTIS Mplus X)

  • Continuously good visual acuity at all distances, especially for intermediate and near
  • Good reading speed
  • Very good contrast sensitivity

Our brochure offers detailed references, more infos, graphics und weblinks to the studies.

LENTIS Mplus Toric | Mplus X Toric:
Multifocal-toric premium IOLs for correcting presbyopia and astigmatism


  • Impaired vision at all distances, due to an irregular curvature of the cornea.

Clinical results LENTIS Mplus (X) Toric IOL

Jan Venter, MD (LENTIS Mplus | Mplus Toric MF30T)

  • Effective correction of corneal astigmatism
  • Stable positioning in the capsular bag, no significant IOL rotation
  • Excellent visual acuity and high patient satisfaction

Dr. Patrick J. Chiam, MD (LENTIS Mplus Toric MF30T)

  • High rotational stability (<2.8°)
  • Effective correction of the corneal cylinder
  • Pre-op astigmatism average cyl 1.41D
  • Post-op residual astigmatism average cyl 0.18D

Ludger Hanneken, MD (LENTIS Mplus X Toric)
“I am impressed with the wide range of customizable correction possible with the LENTIS Mplus X Toric and patients like the fact that they will receive “their” lens.”

Our brochure offers detailed references, more infos, graphics und weblinks to the studies

Advantages of the LENTIS Mplus Family compared to the diffractive MIOL restoration:

  • Natural, continuous vision over all distances thanks to the varifocal effect
  • Maximum use of light
  • Uniquely brilliant optics without rings
  • Very little to no dysphotopsia

Our brochure offers detailed references, more infos, graphics und weblinks to the studies.

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