Teleon - Femtis


Premium IOL Treatment with highest Precision

Perfect match:
Automated capsulotomy + FEMTIS IOL Family

femtis iol klar frontal

Perfect visual performance

  • Proven premium Optics
  • 4 additional clip haptics for exceptionally stable positioning and fixation in the capsular bag
  • Unique combination: FEMTIS IOL and automated capsulotomy
  • Optimal centering & visual acuity results
Optimal iol stability
Perfect match

FEMTIS IOL: Unique Perfection

Perfect positioning of the IOL on the optical axis

  • Highest rotational stability
  • No tilting
  • No decentration
perfekte positionierung

FEMTIS Comfort: EDoF-IOL with varifocal effect



  • Large distance optic zone
  • Transition free central optics
  • EDoF segment for continuous light distribution through the entire intermediate area (varifocal effect)

Superior visual comfort than with standard monofocal care

superiour visual comfort

FEMTIS Comfort toric: Perfect correction of astigmatism

  • Easy axis alignment of the IOL
  • Rotation* still possible in both directions after enclavating the clip haptics

* Source: Clinical evaluation of the rotational stability, Prof. B. Dick, University Hospital Bochum

Advantages of the automated capsulotomy

  • Perfectly round cut
  • Highest precision
  • Low ACO / PCO risk
  • Very little risk of capsule rupture
  • Very good reproducibility
  • No mechanical manipulation
  • Perfect centering on the optical axis


  • Unique haptic system for perfect IOL positioning

  • Highest patient satisfaction thanks to the most reliable refractive predicatbility for highest patient satisfaction

  • Best quality of vision thanks to the perfect combination of FEMTIS IOL and automated capsulotomy technologies

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