LENTIS Comfort Family


LENTIS Comfort family: The vanguard EDoF-IOL with advanced segmented optics

The easy solution for demanding cataract patients

The tried and tested lens design of the LENTIS Comfort is adjusted optimally to the far and intermediate range and thus particularly successful in meeting the demanding needs that most patients have with the refractive results of cataract surgery.

Bridging the gap between standard monofocal and premium refractive IOLs, the LENTIS Comfort offers both excellent intermediate vision as well as distance vision.This is especially of importance to cataract patients who want greater spectacle independence in everyday situations.

With the LENTIS Comfort Toric, there is also a toric version available for patients with astigmatism.



  • Large distance optics zone
  • Transition free central optics
  • EDoF segment for continuous light distribution through the entire intermediate area (varifocal effect)
No unwanted side effects

Clinical results for LENTIS Comfort

Dr. med. E. Pedrotti: Monofocal IOL vs LENTIS Comfort (42 patients)

  • Very good distance visual acuity with significantly better intermediate vision up to 50 cm for LENTIS Comfort
  • Comparable contrast sensitivity to monofocal IOLs
  • Greater patient satisfaction & spectacle independence with LENTIS Comfort

Prof. Dr. med. T. Oshika: LENTIS Comfort – Clinical visual acuity results after 12 monthsin 120 eyes

  • Excellent distance visual acuity with very good intermediate visual acuity
  • Excellent defocus performance
  • No photic phenomena and high patient satisfaction

Our brochure offers detailed references, more infos, graphics und weblinks to the studies.

LENTIS Comfort Toric: The toric EDoF-IOL for correcting corneal astigmatism


Clinical results LENTIS Comfort Toric

Dr. med. D. Holland:LENTIS Comfort Toric 12 months follow-up in 80 eyes

  • Excellent visual performance for far and intermediate distances
  • Very high rotational stability
  • High predictability of target refraction and significant reduction in astigmatism

Our brochure offers detailed references, more infos, graphics und weblinks to the studies.


  • Excellent visual acuity results for the distance and intermediate ranges
  • Natural image and colour perception
  • More spectacle independence compared to monofocal standard and mono-EDoF-IOLs results in a better quality of life
  • Improved contrast and depth of focus for optimal vision in low light conditions

Our brochure offers detailed references, more infos and graphics as well as expert opinions.

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