• heala

    Healaflow Aptissen

    HealaFlow is a unique injectable filtering spacer used in glaucoma surgery. It allows the maintenance of the filtration space volume, the control of fibrosis and therefore the preservation of the filtration function.

  • ologen2pack


    ologen® Collagen Matrix (ologen® CM) is an advanced wound care device composed of a porous matrix of cross-linked atelocollagen and glycosaminoglycan. ologen® Collagen Matrix is specifically designed to promote scar-less wound healing in a wide range of ophthalmic surgeries, such as to create a prominent healthy vascular bleb in glaucoma surgery.

  • Smart lens Sensimed

    SENSIMED Triggerfish 24-Hour IOP Monitoring

    About the SENSIMED Triggerfish®: The SENSIMED Triggerfish® is a portable system indicated for continuous intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring up to 24 hours in glaucoma patients at risk of progression

  • Tran Canula Logo

    Tran Canula


    The Tran Canula® is a sterile and single use irrigation cannula used by physician in controlled environment to clear the pseudo-exfoliative particles in the anterior chamber of the eye.

    Unlike a conventional single jet irrigation cannula, this new instrument is characterized by two distinct water jets separated from each other by a 30° angle. Thanks to the unique design of the cannula and the laws of micro-hydrodynamics, these two independent fluid streams merge into one, more powerful, since they touch an obstacle.